Traitor of Sunshine Pt. 2

Space Axum 2

Random Generated Title: Traitor of Sunshine

Random Generated Names: Gavin Elroy SeaverRachel Savannah MorinJachin Seaver

Random Generated Genre:


Time: 35 Mins (…ish)


Gavin was barely breathing, stuck looking at the remnants of what was his only idea to save himself. Dr. Morin was watching him, arms still crossed.

“Well? What’s your next bright idea?”

He didn’t answer. Gavin was mulling over all the plans he had for himself, all his goals. Now, he was condemned upon this planet to suffocate and die. All because of her. The face of his younger brother appeared before him. The puny little bastard wouldn’t survive on his own. He had no practical skills, he was too weak to even walk around their home. As soon as the money transfers stopped happening, the woman hired to take care of him would leave. And then…

“No…” He whispered, shaking his head, “No.”

“No?” She scoffed, “Really? I–“

“No, I can’t die right now,” he took a steadying breath, “I can do this. I can figure this out.” Seeming to have forgotten his companion’s existence, he bent upwards, grabbing onto his leg to keep him in place. The branch was curled tighter than he thought–shreds of his thick boot were chipping off. He couldn’t find the end of the curl, but dug into the bundle anyway, pulling at strands in hopes to unwind it.

“Brilliant idea,” Morin remarked, “No one has ever tried to get out of a Spriggon’s Snare by untying it.”

He ignored her, ripping at the branch as hard as he could.

It was loosening. A grin broke through his beard. That was, until– He screamed. The loosened strand re-tightened itself around his finger. It felt like someone dropped a house on it. He pulled as hard as he could, but only accomplished to make the branch hug tighter.

“I would clap,” the good Doctor called out, “But I don’t think the sound would carry.”

Will you shut up?” He growled, gritting his teeth. The pain was spreading to his ankle. Great, just great.  “If you have any ideas, Doctor, would you mind sharing them? Since you seem to be so knowledgeable.

She laughed, “Oh, no this is far too entertaining. Forget execution, this is the best way to die. More the merrier, you know.”

He growled,  “You’re a little crinta, aren’t you?”

Morin gasped, “Excuse me?

If there was anything Gavin was educated in, it was the best ways to offend people on each planet.

“You heard me, Traitor.”

“Just because you went and trapped yourself–“

“Are you aware that you, too, are hanging upside down? After seven months of hiding, you are fine with dying like this?” He twisted so that he could see her burnt face, his own cheeks red with growing agony. She winced, but otherwise seemed calm.

“Can you blame me for wanting to watch my executioner die with me? Besides…” Her yellow eyes flickered to the side, “It’s about time for me to go, anyway.”

He was wiggling his hand, ignoring the pulsing it created. “Wow. Is that your excuse for every terrible thing you’ve done? ‘It’s about time’? Listen, lady, you don’t have the right to determine what should die and when.”

She didn’t answer. It only made him more furious, “You know, I almost felt bad about having to kill you. Now I see you are nothing but a cold, selfish cinta.”

“You know nothing, Bounty Hunter,” she hissed. He glanced over to see the dark streaks under her eyes turn bright orange.

“I know you killed trillions of people, including now, by the way, me–“

“Watch it–”

“And don’t seem to even care!

“You don’t even–”

“And for WHAT discernible reason, I can’t even fathom. There is literally no possible profit, other than to be an evil, cold, monstrous little c–”

IT WASN’T MY FAULT!” Her shrill voice echoed throughout all of space, silencing even the twinkling of the stars. Gavin’s pain went dull for a moment.

His brows knit together, “What?”

Rachel’s eyes were wide, lips parted. The dark streaks under her eyes faded from orange into a mossy green, the Neptunian sign of fear.

“What did you say?” He pressed, forgetting his impending doom.

She closed her eyes, her breathing slowing down. “I…”When her eyes reopened, she looked helpless to him. “It wasn’t me… not… completely.”

“What does ‘not completely’ mean. Was there someone else?”

“Yes… The captain of the station.”

“What? But they said you killed him in order to–”

“Save my planet.”

Gavin looked at her like she was speaking in tongues. “How does that even–”

“It’s… a complicated story.”

“Well, i’m not going anywhere,” he tugged on his hand for emphasis, “Pleeeaase?”

Her gold eyes flickered over him. She sighed, “Since we’re going to die anyway…”


“Okay…  The Captain was… My husband.”

WHAT?” His jaw nearly broke through the glass.

“Can you stop with the commentary, please?”

“Sorry, sorry, go on.” He placed his hand over the glass covering his mouth, nodding. She rolled her eyes.

Anyway… My husband had been Captain for decades before I arrived. And when I did–I was one of the scientists who wanted to test new methods of reviving the sun–we were instantly intrigued with each other. So much so, that we were married on the station within two months.”

Gavin let out a little, “Awww,” but was silenced by her glare.

“I think it was because I loved him so much that I dismissed all the obvious signs… You see, Neptunians were coveted to work on Icarus, because we live so long, we wouldn’t need to be replaced for a century or so. But what no one realized…” She sighed, “Neptune is made of storms, ice, water, clouds. We are used to little to no sun. And when you put our bodies so close to it, it can…alter things a bit. And my husband, who had been near it for over 50 years… His mind was slowly falling apart. I was too stupid to see it. Until, of course, when I caught him sabotaging the ship.”

She was no longer with Gavin. He could see it in her eyes, she was trapped in her memory.

Icarus was tearing itself apart. I tried to reason with him, tried to understand. All he said was ‘She’s been asking me to kill her for 55 years. I understand that now. Rachel, don’t you see? It’s long over-due.'”

Gavin had to withhold his dry laughter. That’s where she got it from.

“I tried to fight him, but he dragged me away from the controls. The core reactor beneath our feet was melting through the floor. He tried pushing me into the smoldering metal. And that’s why…” She lightly touched the glass in front of her marred face, “But I… pushed him in first.” There was a brief silence, her taking a deep breath, “I tried to counter-act his commands, but I knew I was running out of time. I was a 90 second sprint to the emergency ship, and everything was falling. Icarus was dying. So instead of trying to stop it, I tried to contain the inevitable black hole reach to stop at my planet. Then I ran.”

There was a good minute of silence between them. Gavin shook his head, “No, then it wasn’t your fault. It was your husband.”

She smirked, “No, i’m just as responsible. There was one system still intact: If I drained the energy that regulated the oxygen tanks, I could have contained the core long enough for someone to come fix it. But I didn’t want to die. I was worried about myself. And now, trillions of people are dead.”

Another heavy silence fell over them.

“And now… you’re going to let yourself die here?”

Her breath was uneven, “Do I deserve any less?”

A fire shot through his veins, burning every muscle. He scoffed, a false smile on his lips, “Are you telling me–You sacrificed  trillions of people… for nothing?

Her gold eyes flickered back to him, clearly not understanding. It enraged him further,

“No–No you don’t get to do that. You aren’t being a martyr right now, Rachel, you are being selfish. Beyond selfish. Those people gave their lives to give you life. And this–this–is how you thank them? Oh woe is you, ‘I should just die and end it all.’ Well guess what, you are spitting on their graves. You lived for a reason, for a purpose. If you don’t believe in fate or whatever, then you make it happen. Dedicate yourself to creating a cure for some disease, to creating a new sun–anything. No–No I won’t allow this.”

One hand grabbed a hold of the other, and he pulled. With all of his strength, he pulled, each strain coaxing a new scream.

“What–what are you doing?” Rachel’s eyes were wide, green flaring beneath them. “Bounty Hunter! You’re going to hurt yourself–”

“SEAVER!” He screamed at her, pausing only briefly to flash her a weary smile, “My name– is Gavin Seaver. And…” Again, he pulled and pulled, screaming all the while, “I’M SAVING YOUR STUPID LIFE.”

Not only was he tugging, he was twisting. Dr. Morin clawed at the space around her, trying to reach him. “Gavin! No! Your hand will slip out of your glove–”


“It’ll freeze!”


“Gavin! Stop–”

His elbow pulled backwards, hand freed at last. Rachel grabbed at her helmet, dread consuming her at the sight of his flesh.

“Son of a cinta!” He flailed his free hand around in the space, fingers uncurling and curling. “That’ is cold!” The suit’s sleeve was clamped tightly around his forearm, but that wouldn’t keep the cold from spreading. Now he was twisting his hips, yanking at his boot.

“No–please–you’re going to die!” The weight of that realization was nearly crippling, “Please–Gavin–Not another one. I can’t kill another one.”

“What’s one in 50 Trillion?” He grit his teeth, ignoring the uncomfortable swelling around his bare skin. “And didn’t you say you’d want to see your executioner die?”

A roar escaped his lips, the branch tightening and tightening around his ankle.

“I’m sorry, I was just being–” She shrieked, seeing the thin material of his sock now bared to space.

“WOW that is COLD.” The shaking was subtle, but she could see it clearly. She watched his descent with panic,

“Gavin! Run! Run to your ship! You can still make it–”

“Jachen Seaver,” he said as he landed upon the rocky surface, “On Moon X, District 12. He’s my brother, and I’m gonna ask you to take care of him, alright?” He bounced towards his gun, using only his booted foot, as if he were playing hop-scotch. “If you want to save someone, save him.”

The green glow on her face lit up her entire helmet, “Gavin, please, run–”

Gavin turned to her, holding the weapon with one hand. He clumsily used his bared hand–now a faint blue–to steady the gun. He aimed down the sights with a smile, “It’s gonna be really funny if I end up shooting you.”

She stiffened.


The orange bolt missed.

“That was for practice. Now for real…” The Bounty Hunter was used to firing with his right hand. Which, at the present, was as useful as a brick glued to his arm. The icy atmosphere was creeping up his veins.


The cool temperature seeping into his suit mixed with his hot breath–fogging up the glass. He could barely see.


It was out of ammo.

“Oh, come on, baby…” He tucked the gun under one arm, using the other to clumsily search his pockets for the jelly-filled container. Luckily, he knew his gun inside and out, and could load it without having to see.

Rachel’s face couldn’t choose between the bright green of fear or the dark pink of heart-break.

“Okay, darling, I have some bad news…” He took a hesitant breath, “I can’t see all that well. So i’m going to have to.. have to toss it to you. Do you think you can catch it?”

Panic filled her belly, turning her core to ice. “But–But can you even see me?”

“My Darling Doctor, what makes you happy?”

“Wh–What? What kind of question–?”

“Consider it a dying request. Tell me what makes you happy. Puppies, rainbows… Your pre-crazy husband?”

Happiness seemed like a foreign concept to her, but she tried. “My… Mother. And my sisters.”

“Ah, you have siblings, too? What are they like?”

“Both of them are younger, by at least 6 decades. The older one wants to be a dancer, the little one wants to be a scientist… like me.”

“That’s adorable,” breathing was becoming uncomfortable, but he talked through it. “Did you help her with school science projects? Do they have those on Neptune?”

“We…We have something similar.”

“Did you win?”

“…Yes, yes we won.” A small smile crept on her face,  “It was–”

“There! Keep thinking about that!” He used his good arm to raise the gun. “Tell me about her smile, Rachel. What was it like?”

The Neptunian was confused, but followed orders, “Her smile was… adorable, she was never so happy. And it was because of me–”

It was then that she realized her helmet was an almost blindingly bright yellow. So bright that even he could see it through the haze. With all his remaining energy he tossed the gun. It made its slow journey towards her. She reached out, gripping the nozzle before it flew past her.

“Point and shoot, Dr. Morin. You should… be able to… manage that.” The yellow was fading once more to green, but she was not going to waste any more time.

ZAP! ZAP! The branch unfurled, like a monster spewing out bad food. Kicking off the limp branch, she floated down. With a couple bounces, she made it to him. She kneeled down, placing the gun beside him. “Gavin?”

The skin around his face was a faint blue. The whirring of his goggles was minimal. “Good… work… dear…” Each breath was a wheeze.

“Come on, Gavin, we can make it to my ship,” she pulled him forward, trying to get him to stand. He held up his wrist, showing her the watch.

OXYGEN: 7 minutes

“I don’t…think so… dear…”

“If we hurry, maybe I–”

“What is… my brother’s name?”

“I–Jachen? Jachen Seavers?”

“Good. Where…?”

“Moon X, district 12.”

“Take care of him… for me…okay?”

She grabbed his helmet as if it were a precious treasure, then pressed it up against her own. Her cheeks were glowing turquoise, jaw clenching.

“Aw, don’t be… so blue.” He chuckled, “Get it? It’s… a pun.”

“Oh shut up,” she half-smiled.

“Don’t let us die… for no reason…” His face was completely blue, lips bright red. “Tell Jachen… I…”

His jaw froze shut. Not that it mattered, his tongue was swelling too large to speak audibly. She gently lowered him down. Then, holding the gun steady, she shot him twice in the chest.

“I’ll save him,” she promised, “I’ll save everyone. I won’t… I won’t let them die in–”


Her hand covered the gaping hole in her chest. Slowly, she floated down to the rocky terrain, a trail of black blobs hovering behind her. The bright gold of her eyes stared blankly into a space. Her hand absently searched for Gavin’s, cheeks glowing green.

A blurry figure emerged in her vision. It chuckled.

“Got ya,” A gun was pointed to her face, “Traitor of Sunshine.”





Wow, that took forever to finish.

Onto the next one!




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