Skeletons Following Me

20160309_103252_HDR horror-edit

Randomly Generated Names: Auberon Justin BlackwoodMouses Al NorthAlexina Sommer Blackwood

Randomly Generated Genre:


Randomly Generated Title: Skeletons Following Me

Time: 35 Minutes


 “It is not my fault that kid is dead,” Auberon scoffed, pulling his denim jacket tight around him, “He was a clutz! That’s it.”

“A clutz,” echoed ‘Mousey’ Mouses, tugging his dark leather jacket in the same fashion, “Askin for it, really.”

“You guys!” Scolded Alexina, her pink dress puffed up like an angry kitten. “You can’t just ignore this. You tied his shoelaces, pant’sed him and knocked him off of a bridge.”

The group walked briskly away from town, away from the noise, the panic, the body. Auberon spit into the grass, seeming as though the whole incident didn’t really register. “And? Not my fault he wanted to land on his head.”

Ronnie,” Alexina snarled, her circular lenses enlarging her glare, “This is wrong. We need to go back.”

“Shut your trap, Lexi, you should know we don’t take lip from punks that call out the Skeleton Squad. Ain’t that right, Mouse?”

“Of course, boss.” The bountiful supply of curls that draped in front of the younger boy’s gray eyes hid the the anxiety within them. This morning he was worried about flunking  Ms. Rose’s English class, now he was consumed with the screamcrunchsplat orchestra repeating in his mind. But the blood of the stooge ran deep within ‘Mousey’ Mouses, and if Ron told him to kick a litter of puppies, by golly he would do it.

“Gonna be funny,” Auberon elbowed his stooge, “Kids from school seein’ his tighty-whiteys.”

“Yeah, funny,” Mouses chuckled softly.

“Callin us a joke–Well who’s the joke now?” Auberon unleashed a roar of testosterone-fueled laughter. “What a twerp!”

Alexina couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “If you don’t turn heel right now,” the girl hissed, “I’m going to–“

Auberon clutched his sister by the jaw,”If you even think about telling the heat, or worse–mom–I’m gonna rip those pretty little locks from your pretty little head. Got it, snot-face?”

Fat tears weighed down Alexina’s fair lashes, but she forced herself to nod. Auberon pushed her backwards, causing her to trip on the dirt road. Mouses watched her with a grimace, but said nothing as his leader kept walking. He paused only a second before following after.

The girl, sniffling, grabbed at her jaw. It was cold.

The Coffin–a name Auberon thought was extraordinarily clever to call the Skeleton Squad clubhouse–was quiet, except for the squeaking of the warped wood. It was a worn, damp cabin abandoned in the forest. Sticky magazines and empty beer cans littered the floor, spiderwebs decorated the ceiling. It was disastrously beautiful to high school kids that had nowhere else to go.

Auberon collapsed back into a stiff couch, arms resting on the back of it. Alexina and Mouses hesitated at the doorway.

“What are you squares gawkin at?” Their leader tossed his jean cap off, revealing the greasy black hair underneath. The other two stepped a couple feet forward, but that was about it. His anger started subtle, but became amplified when Auberon didn’t know why he was angry. “Mouse! Lexi! Sit!

“Oh-yeah-sure thing, boss,” Mouses kept his gaze to his sneakers, while Alexina glared her brother down the entire way to the couch. She looked about as agitated as the poodle on her pleated skirt. Even as both fulfilled his command, Ron was still unsatisfied.

“He got himself killed, got it? And we was here the whole day. Right?”

“Sure thing, boss.”

Alexina said nothing, crossing her arms. She wasn’t sure if she was angry or horrified.

“What are you looking all smug about, snot-face?” Auberon bared his teeth to the girl, and was one banana away from being a gorilla. Though she felt prickling against her skin, she felt a sort of pride that she was getting him so riled up.

“Nothing. I’m just glad don’t have to worry about getting haunted.”

The statement took a seat between them, instigating a long pause. The brute scoffed, “What are you talkin’ about four-eyes?”

“Didn’t you know? That kid was the son of the graveyard keeper. And surely you know about the missing bodies…”

“What bodies?” Auberon pushed Mouses against the couch to get a better look at her face, “What are you talkin about?”

“Well I hear that that family practiced some real who-doo witch-craft stuff, and practiced on the dead. Billy said he saw some ritual just last week while he was riding home.”

“You’re a liar,” Auberon stood up, shoving his hands in his jacket, “You’re just trying to get me frosted.”

“It’s not my problem if you get knocked off a bridge by the grave-keeper’s son.”

“What about me?” Piped up Mouses, “Am I gonna get killed?”

“Well you did tie his shoes together.”

“Cripes…” The scrawny boy hid himself beneath his jacket.

“Don’t listen to her,” Auberon commanded, “And you–stop squawkin’ them lies, or i’ll tape that mouth shut.”

“I’m not lyin!”

Shut up!” He shouted loud enough to scare the grease from his own hair. It dripped down beside his sweat, making him look like a melting candle. Alexina crossed her arms, large eyes glaring beneath her lenses.


All three jumped, heads snapping towards the front door.


They didn’t move.


“Who’s there?” Auberon shouted, clammy hands pulled into fists. There was no answer.

Mouses pulled at his curly hair, “It’s the kid.”

“Shut your lip,” Auberon snapped. “Probably Sammy, forgetting how to get in again.” Though the wavering in his voice didn’t quite sell his reassurance. Puffing up his chest, their noble leader strode to the door and pulled it open.

He screamed at the first blow, a flash of black blinding his vision. Alexina and Mouses jumped up, shrieking in response. Auberon blindly swatted at his foe, knocking it to the floor. All three took a step back, giving space to the monster.

A crow.

There was a beat of silence before they collectively let out a weak chuckle.

“Just a lousy bird,” Auberon spat. The crow was twitching on the floor, inky eyes alert. It cawed repeatedly, fluttering one wing more than the other. Alexina went towards it,

“I think it’s hurt–“

“Here, let me have a look,” Auberon knocked her hard enough to make her fall. Before she could even get to her knees she heard it–

Crunch, crunch, crunch! Auberon’s boots was slamming down repeatedly.

“NO!” She cried, but it was too late. The black heap of feathers was no longer twitching. She scrambled to her feet, face red with fury, “What was that for!?”

“Was puttin it out of its misery,” Auberon responded, bored.

“I hate you!” She cried, tears finally spilling over. Her brother shrugged. Mouses’s face was pale, eyes fixated on the dark goo on the wood.

“I’ll let you know when I care,” Auberon responded, smearing his boot against the floor. “And stop your cryin’–“


All three turned towards the door once again. None could feel their legs, and each heart about to jitter-bug out of their chest cavities.

“A-Another bird.” Auberon dismissed with a shaky laugh, “It’s just–“


“It’ll go away,” he insisted, stepping away from the door. “No big deal.”

BAM BAM BAMThe door was creaking, wood splintering.

“M-Maybe you should answer it, just to see,” Alexina suggested, hiding behind Mouses.

“Maybe you should, Ms. Bird-lover.” Auberon pulled his sister by the arm, shoving her towards the door.



“Okay! Okay, hang on.” The moment her hand touched the door, the banging stopped. Hesitantly, she pulled it open.

Nothing. Only forest. They sighed.

“See? Told you it would go away,” Auberon pulled his jacket tighter. He jumped, however, at Alexina’s scream.

“What are you yelling at?” He shouted. Her eyes were wide as hams, finger outstretched within the cabin. When he and Mouses turned, they almost fell back.

The bird was gone.

“Where’d it go?!” Mouses’s pitch was higher than a rogue balloon.

“Maybe it is the kid,” Alexina whispered.

“Will you both shut up for once? It just–It flew away. Quit being wet blankets.” His own hands were colder than five-cent milkshakes.

“Flew away?! It’s brains were on your kicks, boss!”

“Well you’re walkin around without a brain, shouldn’t be hard for a dumb bird.”

“I want to go home,” Alexina cried.

Hey, if you wanna go out there, I’m not gonna stop you.” Auberon shoved his hands in his pants, keeping them from trembling. “Be a little chicken.”

Alexina stared at the door, hands held tight to her chest. “Maybe I will. I didn’t kill nobody.”

“It’s not the stupid kid! Get over that, will ya?” Sweat was soaking Auberon’s jacket, almost reaching the skull sewn to the back of it.

“Well i’m… i’m gonna high-tail it out of here before I get haunted too.”

 “Wait, Alexina,” Mouses stepped forward, unleashing his dust-particle amount of chivalry, “Maybe you should stay. What if it’s something else?”

“If she wants to leave, she leaves,” Auberon gripped her by the arm, threw open the door, and tossed her outside like last month’s newspapers. She twirled around, face pink,

“Ronnie! You little–“

He slammed the door closed. Speaking through it, “Hurry on home, kid. We don’t want you here.”

Bam bam bam–“RONNIE! OPEN UP!”–Bam bam bam–“I’m serious!”–Bam bam bam–“Don’t leave me here alone!”–Bam bam–


Auberon and Mouses exchanged glances.

“You think she’s… okay?” Mouses twitched his nose, eyes wide. Auberon looked between him and the door.

“Yeah. She’s fine.” The air felt dead. Even their breathing seemed muted. “Now, let’s… sit down and… talk about… you know….”

“Sure thing, boss,” Mouses scurried to the couch to take a seat. Before Auberon could even ponder joining him, the young boy let out a wail. He jumped to his feet, rubbing his bottom.

“Sit on a spring, Mouse?” Auberon’s laugh was as shaky as a maraca.

The curly-haired boy looked at the couch, “It didn’t feel like no spring…” His hands searched the cushion. “It feels wet though–BOSS!”

Mousey Mouses’s hand was covered in black ink. He tried to shake it away, but it refused to unlatch from his skin. He smeared it against his jeans. The black turned red.

“What the hell?” Auberon took a step back, “What is that?

“Oh cripes, oh cripes–” In his terror, Mouses’s first instinct was to get away from the dark goo. It was a moment of desperation.

His leader reeled back in disgust. “Mouse! What are you doing!?”

A pair of The Adventure of Superman undershorts were bared to the air. Mouses tossed his jeans to the other side of the room. His pale legs knocked within their high-tops. “Something ain’t right boss.”

“You probably just spilled something,” Auberon marched over, looking down to the cushions. Glancing it over, it seemed fine. No dark spots. Both boys fell to the floor at the scream.

Alexina’s scream.

-To Be Continued-

Oh Golly Gee Willikers, is this going to take two parts too? Next story I think I’ll extend time to 45 minutes, because this is ridiculous.

Thooooouugh it might also be due to the fact I had to look up a ridiculous amount of 50’s references and slang.

Don’t be a drag, daddy-O. *puts on sunglasses and moonwalks away*


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